About Mum & Pup’s Place

Mum & Pup’s Place has a long and colorful history that starts way back in 1948. That was the year Edward Audet, his wife Rachel, and their children built the original barn and other buildings on the property, which they used for their farming ventures for many years. As a fully operational farm, the property helped support the Audet family through good times and bad, but one thing was certain from the beginning — it was always a special place where the family could spend quality time together amidst the beautiful landscape of Hyde Park, Vermont.

Common to Ed and Rachel’s family were semi-annual family reunions, along with many other frequent gatherings. These reunions were commonly held throughout the 70s and early 80s and set the standard for their eight surviving children to follow in, herein referred to as the “Original Eight.” Ed and Rachel’s compassion, empathy, and love would be woven into the family’s fabric through these events. We thank them for this.

Since the property was repurchased by the Audet Family in 2019, the barn has been renovated and the grounds have undergone a serious overhaul. The beautifully restored barn now consists of 10 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a chapel, a band stage in the loft, a hay wagon dining room table that seats more than 20 people, and a few family heirlooms — all of which are highlighted by barn-native characteristics and decor. Hats off to Kenny for all of his hard work on the renovation.

Our rich history is a major part of what has made us the one-of-a-kind family gathering venue that you see today.